8 Letters
4 Consonants
4 Vowels
3 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use insecure as a article or as a adjective satellite in a sentence.
About Insecure
A 3 syllables article and 8 letters with the letters c, e, i, n, r, s, and u, 4 consonants, 4 vowels and 3 syllables with the middle letters ec. Insecure starts with and ends with a vowel with the starting letters i, in, ins, inse, insec, and the ending characters are e, re, ure, cure, ecure, ..
Lacking self-confidence or assurance; "an insecure person lacking mental stability"
School Grade
Insecure is set as a sat word that starts with i, ends with e, 3 syllables, 4 vowels and 8 letters.
Pig Latin
Insecure in Pig Latin is said as "insecureay or insecureway".
i | n | s | e | c | u | r | e
in | ns | se | ec | cu | ur | re
ins | nse | sec | ecu | cur | ure
inse | nsec | secu | ecur | cure
Word Gram
Article Examples
lacking self-confidence or assurance;
"an insecure person lacking mental stability"
lacking in security or safety;
"his fortune was increasingly insecure";
"an insecure future"
not firm or firmly fixed;
likely to fail or give way;
"the hinge is insecure"
Adjective Satellite Examples
not financially safe or secure;
"a bad investment";
"high risk investments";
"anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky";
"speculative business enterprises"
not safe from attack

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Insecure"

There are 133 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to insecure.

Afraidfilled with regret or concern
used often to soften an unpleasant statement
"I''m afraid I won''t be able to come"
"he was afraid he would have to let her go"
"I''m afraid you''re wrong"
Anxiousmentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc
"anxious parents"
"anxious about her job"
"not used to a city and anxious about small things"
"felt apprehensive about the consequences"
Apprehensivein fear or dread of possible evil or harm
"apprehensive for one''s life"
"apprehensive of danger"
Assailablenot defended or capable of being defended
"an open city"
"open to attack"
Bedraggledlimp and soiled as if dragged in the mud
"the beggar''s bedraggled clothes"
"scarecrows in battered hats or draggled skirts"
Broken Down
Dangerouscausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
"a dangerous operation"
"a grave situation"
"a grave illness"
"grievous bodily harm"
"a serious wound"
"a serious turn of events"
"a severe case of pneumonia"
"a life-threatening disease"
Debilitatedweak and feeble
"I''m feeling seedy today"
Delicateexquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing
susceptible to injury
"a delicate violin passage"
"delicate china"
"a delicate flavor"
"the delicate wing of a butterfly"

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There are 3 words that have the opposite meaning of insecure.

Securemake certain of
"This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us"
"Preparation will guarantee success!"
Unafraidfree from fear or doubt
easy in mind
"secure himself, he went out of his way to help others"
Untroubledfree from turmoil or worries
"untroubled times"


There are 2 anagrams from insecure.

Anagram Definition
Sinecurean office that involves minimal duties
Insecurelacking self-confidence or assurance
"an insecure person lacking mental stability"

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Similar Words

There are 1 words that are similar to "Insecure".

Similar WordDefinition
Overanxiousanxious or nervous to an excessive degree

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