8 Letters
4 Consonants
4 Vowels
3 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use location as a noun in a sentence.
About Location
A 3 syllables noun and 8 letters with the letters a, c, i, l, n, o, and t, 4 consonants, 4 vowels and 3 syllables with the middle letters at. Location starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters l, lo, loc, loca, locat, and the ending characters are n, on, ion, tion, ation, ..
A point or extent in space
School Grade
Location is set as a grade four word that starts with l, ends with n, 3 syllables, 4 vowels and 8 letters.
Pig Latin
Location in Pig Latin is said as "ocationlay or ocationlway".
l | o | c | a | t | i | o | n
lo | oc | ca | at | ti | io | on
loc | oca | cat | ati | tio | ion
loca | ocat | cati | atio | tion
Word Gram
Noun Examples
a point or extent in space
a determination of the location of something;
"he got a good fix on the target"
the act of putting something in a certain place or location

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Location"

There are 214 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to location.

Agribusinessa large-scale farming enterprise
Agriculturethe practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
Allocation(computer science) the assignment of particular areas of a magnetic disk to particular data or instructions
Appointment(law) the act of disposing of property by virtue of the power of appointment
"she allocated part of the trust to her church by appointment"
Appositionthe act of positioning close together (or side by side)
"it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors"
Arable Land
Assignmentthe act of putting a person into a non-elective position
"the appointment had to be approved by the whole committee"
Banga conspicuous success
"that song was his first hit and marked the beginning of his career"
"that new Broadway show is a real smasher"
"the party went with a bang"
Barnyarda yard adjoining a barn

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There are 1 anagrams from location.

Anagram Definition
Locationa point or extent in space

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Location derives from 6 words.

Word Definition
Locatetake up residence and become established
"The immigrants settled in the Midwest"
Placea job in an organization
"he occupied a post in the treasury"
Settlea long wooden bench with a back
Sitea computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web
"the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers"
Situateput (something somewhere) firmly
"She posited her hand on his shoulder"
"deposit the suitcase on the bench"
"fix your eyes on this spot"
Turn Up


Location has 1 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Entitythat which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)


There are 17 hyponyms for location

Word Definition
Basea support or foundation;
"the base of the lamp"
Bilocationthe ability (said of certain Roman Catholic saints) to exist simultaneously in two locations
Eartha connection between an electrical device and the earth (which is a zero voltage)
Herethe present location;
this place;
"where do we go from here?"
Homehousing that someone is living in;
"he built a modest dwelling near the pond";
"they raise money to provide homes for the homeless"
Junglea place where hoboes camp
Linethe principal activity in your life that you do to earn money;
"he''s not in my line of business"
Notcha small cut
Outer Space
Partthe actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group;
"the function of a teacher";
"the government must do its part";
"play its role"

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Part Meronyms

There are 1 part meronyms for the word location

Word Definition
Spacethe unlimited expanse in which everything is located;
"they tested his ability to locate objects in space"


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