7 Letters
5 Consonants
2 Vowels
2 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use pattern as a noun or as a verb in a sentence.
About Pattern
A 2 syllables noun and 7 letters with the letters a, e, n, p, r, and t, 5 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letter t. Pattern starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters p, pa, pat, patt, patte, and the ending characters are n, rn, ern, tern, ttern, . Pattern is also a double consonant (tt) word. View the double consonant words list.
A customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
Compound Words
A compound word, pattern has more than one word within it. There's 2 words which are pat, and tern.
School Grade
Pattern is set as a grade five word that starts with p, ends with n, 2 syllables, 2 vowels and 7 letters.
Is pattern a scrabble word? A 9 point word in scrabble. Check the word games tab below for probability, odds and more.
Pig Latin
Pattern in Pig Latin is said as "atternpay or atternpway".
p | a | t | t | e | r | n
pa | at | tt | te | er | rn
pat | att | tte | ter | ern
patt | atte | tter | tern
Word Gram
Noun Examples
a customary way of operation or behavior;
"it is their practice to give annual raises";
"they changed their dietary pattern"
a decorative or artistic work;
"the coach had a design on the doors"
something regarded as a normative example;
"the convention of not naming the main character";
"violence is the rule not the exception";
"his formula for impressing visitors"
something intended as a guide for making something else;
"a blueprint for a house";
"a pattern for a skirt"
a perceptual structure;
"the composition presents problems for students of musical form";
"a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them"
a model considered worthy of imitation;
"the American constitution has provided a pattern for many republics"
graphical representation (in polar or cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle
the path that is prescribed for an airplane that is preparing to land at an airport;
"the traffic patterns around O'Hare are very crowded";
"they stayed in the pattern until the fog lifted"
Verb Examples
plan or create according to a model or models
form a pattern;
"These sentences pattern like the ones we studied before"

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Pattern"

There are 1,182 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to pattern.

Abidancethe act of abiding (enduring without yielding)
Accomplishput in effect
"carry out a task"
"execute the decision of the people"
"He actioned the operation"
Accordancethe act of granting rights
"the accordance to Canada of rights of access"
Accordance Of Rights
Acquirecome to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
"He grew a beard"
"The patient developed abdominal pains"
Acquittala judgment of not guilty
Acquittancea legal document evidencing the discharge of a debt or obligation
Actsomething that people do or cause to happen
Actingthe performance of a part or role in a drama
Actionsomething done (usually as opposed to something said)
"there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions"

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There are 2 anagrams from pattern.

Anagram Definition
Patterna customary way of operation or behavior
"it is their practice to give annual raises"
"they changed their dietary pattern"

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Pattern derives from 4 words.

Word Definition
Applyask (for something)
"He applied for a leave of absence"
"She applied for college"
"apply for a job"
Patterna customary way of operation or behavior
"it is their practice to give annual raises"
"they changed their dietary pattern"
Practicea customary way of operation or behavior
"it is their practice to give annual raises"
"they changed their dietary pattern"
Useexerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one''s own advantage
"his manipulation of his friends was scandalous"


Pattern has 1 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Activityany specific activity
"they avoided all recreational activity"


There are 34 hyponyms for pattern

Word Definition
Biologismuse of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior
Cannibalismthe practice of eating the flesh of your own kind
Careerismthe practice of advancing your career at the expense of your personal integrity
Cooperationthe practice of cooperating;
"economic cooperation";
"they agreed on a policy of cooperation"
Cross Dressing
Customaccepted or habitual practice
Fashioncharacteristic or habitual practice
Featherbeddingthe practice (usually by a labor union) of requiring an employer to hire more workers than are required
Formalismthe practice of scrupulous adherence to prescribed or external forms
Habitudehabitual mode of behavior

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The word games Words With Friends, 4pics1Word, Word Chums, and Jumble which is by far one of the most successful of the word games. Jumble was created in 1954 - below, you will find the most unscrambled letters for each descramble word game that others have solved or decoded to make the word pattern.

Is pattern a scrabble word or can you use pattern in Words With Friends? The probability of getting this word in scrabble is 1 out of every 137239 games and in Words With Friends it's 1 out of every 144101 games. This 7 letter 9 point scrabble word can be rearranged 2,520 ways. What other words can be made with the letters a, e, n, p, r, and t? There's 16 with 9 letters or less with the letters a, e, n, p, r, and t. Here is a list of 16 to try to get you more points.

WordScrabbleWords With FriendsWord Chums4Pics1WordJumble
Pattern (7 letters) 9 11 pattern
Terrapene (9 letters) 11 +2 13 +2 terrapene
Trepan (6 letters) 8 10 parent
Antwerpen (9 letters) 14 +5 17 +6 antwerpen
Antwerp (7 letters) 12 +3 14 +3 rtwapne
Peter Pan (9 letters)
Partner (7 letters) 9 11 partner
Parent (6 letters) 8 10 parent
Arpent (6 letters) 8 10 parent
Penetrate (9 letters) 11 +2 13 +2 penetrate
Entrap (6 letters) 8 10 parent
Enrapture (9 letters) 11 +2 14 +3 enrapture
Perennate (9 letters) 11 +2 14 +3 aeeennprt
Apparent (8 letters) 12 +3 15 +4 apparent
Repentant (9 letters) 11 +2 14 +3 repentant
Reptant (7 letters) 9 11 pattern


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