6 Letters
5 Consonants
1 Vowels
2 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use flying as a noun or as a adjective satellite in a sentence.
About Flying
A 2 syllables noun and 6 letters with the letters f, g, i, l, n, and y, 5 consonants, 1 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letters yi. Flying starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters f, fl, fly, flyi, flyin, and the ending characters are g, ng, ing, ying, lying, ..
An instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
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Pig Latin
Flying in Pig Latin is said as "yingflay or yingflway".
f | l | y | i | n | g
fl | ly | yi | in | ng
fly | lyi | yin | ing
flyi | lyin | ying
Word Gram
Noun Examples
an instance of traveling by air;
"flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
Adjective Satellite Examples
done swiftly in or as if in the air;
used e.g. of a racing start in which runners are already in motion as they cross the starting line;
"a flying start";
"crossed the goal line with a flying leap"
hurried and brief;
"paid a flying visit";
"took a flying glance at the book";
"a quick inspection";
"a fast visit"
of or relating to passage through the air especially aviation;
"a flying time of three hours between cities";
"unidentified flying objects"
designed for swift movement or action;
"a flying police squad is trained for quick action anywhere in the city"
moving swiftly;
"fast-flying planes";
"played the difficult passage with flying fingers"
streaming or flapping or spreading wide as if in a current of air;
"ran quickly, her flaring coat behind her";
"flying banners";
"flags waving in the breeze"
capable of or engaged in flight;
"the bat is a flying animal"

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Flying"

There are 271 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to flying.

Aeronauticsthe theory and practice of navigation through air or space
Agilemoving quickly and lightly
"sleek and agile as a gymnast"
"as nimble as a deer"
"nimble fingers"
"quick of foot"
"the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it"
Airtravel via aircraft
"air travel involves too much waiting in airports"
"if you''ve time to spare go by air"
Airbornemoved or conveyed by or through air
Airlinea commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
Airline Business
Airwaya commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
Air Service
Air Travel
Angeredmarked by extreme anger
"the enraged bull attached"
"furious about the accident"
"a furious scowl"
"infuriated onlookers charged the police who were beating the boy"
"could not control the maddened crowd"

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There are 1 anagrams from flying.

Anagram Definition
Flyingan instance of traveling by air
"flying was still an exciting adventure for him"

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Flying derives from 5 words.

Word Definition
Aviatefly a plane
Flightthe act of escaping physically
"he made his escape from the mental hospital"
"the canary escaped from its cage"
"his flight was an indication of his guilt"
Fly(baseball) a hit that flies up in the air
Pilotan inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track
Winga movable organ for flying (one of a pair)


Flying has 3 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Airtravel via aircraft
"air travel involves too much waiting in airports"
"if you''ve time to spare go by air"
Air Travel
Aviationtravel via aircraft
"air travel involves too much waiting in airports"
"if you''ve time to spare go by air"


There are 19 hyponyms for flying

Word Definition
Acrobaticsthe performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft
Aerobaticsthe performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft
Ballooningflying in a balloon
Blind Flying
Blind Landing
Flyovera low-altitude flight (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground
Flypasta low-altitude flight (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground
Glidethe activity of flying a glider
Glidingthe activity of flying a glider
Low Level Flight

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Is flying a scrabble word or can you use flying in Words With Friends? The probability of getting this word in scrabble is 1 out of every 459897 games and in Words With Friends it's 1 out of every 790303 games. This 6 letter 13 point scrabble word can be rearranged 720 ways. What other words can be made with the letters f, g, i, l, n, and y? There's 2 with 8 letters or less with the letters f, g, i, l, n, and y. Here is a list of 2 to try to get you more points.

WordScrabbleWords With FriendsWord Chums4Pics1WordJumble
Flying (6 letters) 13 15 flying
Flaying (7 letters) 14 +1 16 +1 flaying


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