3 Letters
2 Consonants
1 Vowels
1 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use bad as a article, noun, adverb or as a adjective satellite in a sentence.
About Bad
A 1 syllables article and 3 letters with the letters a, b, and d, 2 consonants, 1 vowels and 1 syllables with the middle letter a. Bad starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters b, ba, and the ending characters are d, ad, ..
That which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; "take the bad with the good"
Middle English
School Grade
Bad is set as a kindergarten word that starts with b, ends with d, 1 syllables, 1 vowels and 3 letters.
Is bad a scrabble word? A 6 point word in scrabble. Check the word games tab below for probability, odds and more.
Pig Latin
Bad in Pig Latin is said as "adbay or adbway".
b | a | d
ba | ad
Word Gram
Noun Examples
that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency;
"take the bad with the good"
Adjective Satellite Examples
feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad');
"my throat feels bad";
"she felt bad all over";
"he was feeling tough after a restless night"
(of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition;
"bad meat";
"a refrigerator full of spoilt food"
not working properly;
"a bad telephone connection";
"a defective appliance"
reproduced fraudulently;
"like a bad penny...";
"a forged twenty dollar bill"
characterized by wickedness or immorality;
"led a very bad life"
keenly sorry or regretful;
"felt bad about letting the team down";
"was sorry that she had treated him so badly";
"felt bad about breaking the vase"
capable of harming;
"bad habits";
"bad air";
"smoking is bad for you"
physically unsound or diseased;
"has a bad back";
"a bad heart";
"bad teeth";
"an unsound limb";
"unsound teeth"
very intense;
"a bad headache";
"in a big rage";
"had a big (or bad) shock";
"a bad earthquake";
"a bad storm"
not financially safe or secure;
"a bad investment";
"high risk investments";
"anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky";
"speculative business enterprises"
"so-called bad grammar"
below average in quality or performance;
"a bad chess player";
"a bad recital"
not capable of being collected;
"a bad (or uncollectible) debt"
Article Examples
having undesirable or negative qualities;
"a bad report card";
"his sloppy appearance made a bad impression";
"a bad little boy";
"clothes in bad shape";
"a bad cut";
"bad luck";
"the news was very bad";
"the reviews were bad";
"the pay is bad";
"it was a
Adverb Examples
very much;
"I wanted it badly enough to work hard for it";
"the cables had sagged badly";
"they were badly in need of help";
"he wants a bicycle so bad he can taste it"
with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly');
"the injury hurt badly";
"the buildings were badly shaken";
"it hurts bad";
"we need water bad"

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Bad"

There are 932 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to bad.

Abhorrentoffensive to the mind
"an abhorrent deed"
"the obscene massacre at Wounded Knee"
"morally repugnant customs"
"repulsive behavior"
"the most repulsive character in recent novels"
Abominableexceptionally bad or displeasing
"atrocious taste"
"abominable workmanship"
"an awful voice"
"dreadful manners"
"a painful performance"
"terrible handwriting"
"an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room"
Abominationan action that is vicious or vile
an action that arouses disgust or abhorence
"his treatment of the children is an abomination"
Acea serve that the receiver is unable to reach
Ace High
Aciditythe property of being acidic
Adeptsomeone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
Adversein an opposing direction
"adverse currents"
"a contrary wind"
Ailingsomewhat ill or prone to illness
"my poor ailing grandmother"
"feeling a bit indisposed today"
"you look a little peaked"
"feeling poorly"
"a sickly child"
"is unwell and can''t come to work"
Ailmentan often persistent bodily disorder or disease
a cause for complaining

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There are 2 words that have the opposite meaning of bad.

Goodmoral excellence or admirableness
"there is much good to be found in people"
Goodnessmoral excellence or admirableness
"there is much good to be found in people"


There are 2 anagrams from bad.

Anagram Definition
Daba light touch or stroke
Badthat which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency
"take the bad with the good"

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Bad has 1 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Qualityan essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
"the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare


There are 6 hyponyms for bad

Word Definition
Evilmorally objectionable behavior
Inadvisabilitythe quality of being ill advised
Liabilitythe quality of being something that holds you back
Undesirabilitythe quality possessed by something that should be avoided
Unworthinessthe quality of being bad by virtue of lacking merit or value
Worsesomething inferior in quality or condition or effect;
"for better or for worse";
"accused of cheating and lying and worse"

Names With The Word "Bad"

59 names are spelled with bad.


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Words To Word lists That The Word Bad Can Be Found In.

There are 1 lists where other users have said bad applies to.

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The word games Words With Friends, 4pics1Word, Word Chums, and Jumble which is by far one of the most successful of the word games. Jumble was created in 1954 - below, you will find the most unscrambled letters for each descramble word game that others have solved or decoded to make the word bad.

Is bad a scrabble word or can you use bad in Words With Friends? The probability of getting this word in scrabble is 1 out of every 2246 games and in Words With Friends it's 1 out of every 2023 games. This 3 letter 6 point scrabble word can be rearranged 6 ways. What other words can be made with the letters a, b, and d? There's 59 with 5 letters or less with the letters a, b, and d. Here is a list of 25 to try to get you more points.

WordScrabbleWords With FriendsWord Chums4Pics1WordJumble
Dab (3 letters) 6 7 dab
Beard (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 beard
Adobe (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 abode
Band (4 letters) 7 +1 9 +2 band
Bard (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 abdr
Bead (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 abed
Beads (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 beads
Blade (5 letters) 8 +2 10 +3 blade
Board (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 board
Brad (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 abdr
Braid (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 abdir
Daub (4 letters) 7 +1 9 +2 daub
Abode (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 abode
Brand (5 letters) 8 +2 10 +3 brand
Bad (3 letters) 6 7 dab
Badge (5 letters) 9 +3 11 +4 badge
Bade (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 abed
Daba (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 daba
Bawdy (5 letters) 14 +8 14 +7 bawdy
Adobo (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 adobo
Bread (5 letters) 8 +2 9 +2 beard
Blida (5 letters) 8 +2 10 +3 blida
Bida (4 letters) 7 +1 8 +1 bida
Dubai (5 letters) 8 +2 10 +3 bidua
Baldr (5 letters) 8 +2 10 +3 baldr


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