5 Letters
2 Consonants
3 Vowels
1 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use cause as a noun or as a verb in a sentence.
About Cause
A 1 syllables noun and 5 letters with the letters a, c, e, s, and u, 2 consonants, 3 vowels and 1 syllables with the middle letter u. Cause starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel with the starting letters c, ca, cau, caus, and the ending characters are e, se, use, ause, ..
Any entity that causes events to happen
Middle English
School Grade
Cause is set as a grade three word that starts with c, ends with e, 1 syllables, 3 vowels and 5 letters.
Is cause a scrabble word? A 7 point word in scrabble. Check the word games tab below for probability, odds and more.
Pig Latin
Cause in Pig Latin is said as "ausecay or ausecway".
c | a | u | s | e
ca | au | us | se
cau | aus | use
caus | ause
Word Gram
Noun Examples
any entity that causes events to happen
a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end;
"he supported populist campaigns";
"they worked in the cause of world peace";
"the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant";
"the movement to end slavery";
"contributed to
a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy;
"the family brought suit against the landlord"
a justification for something existing or happening;
"he had no cause to complain";
"they had good reason to rejoice"
events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something;
"they are trying to determine the cause of the crash"
Verb Examples
cause to do;
cause to act in a specified manner;
"The ads induced me to buy a VCR";
"My children finally got me to buy a computer";
"My wife made me buy a new sofa"
give rise to;
cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally;
"cause a commotion";
"make a stir";
"cause an accident"

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Cause"

There are 348 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to cause.

Accomplishput in effect
"carry out a task"
"execute the decision of the people"
"He actioned the operation"
Achieveto gain with effort
"she achieved her goal despite setbacks"
Actsomething that people do or cause to happen
Actionsomething done (usually as opposed to something said)
"there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions"
Action At Law
Activityany specific activity
"they avoided all recreational activity"
Actuateput in motion or move to act
"trigger a reaction"
"actuate the circuits"
Advertisecall attention to
"Please don''t advertise the fact that he has AIDS"
Advertizecall attention to
"Please don''t advertise the fact that he has AIDS"
Agencyhow a result is obtained or an end is achieved
"a means of control"
"an example is the best agency of instruction"
"the true way to success"

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There are 2 anagrams from cause.

Anagram Definition
Causeany entity that causes events to happen
Sauceflavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food

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Cause derives from 7 words.

Word Definition
Causeany entity that causes events to happen
Dodoctor''s degree in osteopathy
Getmake children
"Abraham begot Isaac"
"Men often father children but don''t recognize them"
Havea person who possesses great material wealth
Inducereason or establish by induction
Makethe act of mixing cards haphazardly
Stimulatecause to be alert and energetic
"Coffee and tea stimulate me"
"This herbal infusion doesn''t stimulate"


Cause has 1 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Entitythat which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)


There are 27 hyponyms for cause

Word Definition
Agentthe semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the hapening denoted by the verb in the clause
Catalystsomething that causes an important event to happen;
"the invasion acted as a catalyst to unite the country"
Cause Of Death
Dangera venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury;
"he saw the rewards but not the risks of crime";
"there was a danger he would do the wrong thing"
Destinyan event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future
Deus Ex Machina
Enginemotor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work
Fatean event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future
First Cause
Forcean act of aggression (as one against a person who resists);
"he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one"

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The word games Words With Friends, 4pics1Word, Word Chums, and Jumble which is by far one of the most successful of the word games. Jumble was created in 1954 - below, you will find the most unscrambled letters for each descramble word game that others have solved or decoded to make the word cause.

Is cause a scrabble word or can you use cause in Words With Friends? The probability of getting this word in scrabble is 1 out of every 21785 games and in Words With Friends it's 1 out of every 19650 games. This 5 letter 7 point scrabble word can be rearranged 120 ways. What other words can be made with the letters a, c, e, s, and u? There's 8 with 7 letters or less with the letters a, c, e, s, and u. Here is a list of 8 to try to get you more points.

WordScrabbleWords With FriendsWord Chums4Pics1WordJumble
Cause (5 letters) 7 9 sauce
Cayuse (6 letters) 11 +4 12 +3 cayuse
Sauce (5 letters) 7 9 sauce
Accuse (6 letters) 10 +3 13 +4 accuse
Causey (6 letters) 11 +4 12 +3 cayuse
Aeacus (6 letters) 8 +1 10 +1 aeacus
Accuses (7 letters) 11 +4 14 +5 accessu
Causes (6 letters) 8 +1 10 +1 ceusas


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