6 Letters
4 Consonants
2 Vowels
2 Syllables
Type Of Speech
You can use circle as a noun or as a verb in a sentence.
School Grade
Circle is set as a kindergarten word that starts with c, ends with e, 2 syllables, 2 vowels and 6 letters.
Word Information
A 2 syllables noun with the letters c, e, i, l and r, 4 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables. The starting characters are c, ci, cir, circ, circl, and ending characters are e, le, cle, rcle, ircle, with 6 letters..
Noun Examples
movement once around a course;
"he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
any circular or rotating mechanism;
"the machine punched out metal circles"
a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house;
usually the first tier above the orchestra;
"they had excellent seats in the dress circle"
street names for flunitrazepan
a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island;
"the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary"
an unofficial association of people or groups;
"the smart set goes there";
"they were an angry lot"
ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length;
a plane curve generated by one point moving at a constant distance from a fixed point;
"he calculated the circumference of the circle"
something approximating the shape of a circle;
"the chairs were arranged in a circle"
Verb Examples
form a circle around;
"encircle the errors"
travel around something;
"circle the globe"
move in circles
be around;
"Developments surround the town";
"The river encircles the village"

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Circle"

There are 762 synonyms available. These are words that have a similar meaning, mean the same thing or have close definition to circle.

Synonym Definition
Acquaintancepersonal knowledge or information about someone or something
Adoa rapid bustling commotion
Advancethe act of moving forward toward a goal
Advancementgradual improvement or growth or development
"advancement of knowledge"
"great progress in the arts"
Agencyhow a result is obtained or an end is achieved
"a means of control"
"an example is the best agency of instruction"
"the true way to success"
Airtravel via aircraft
"air travel involves too much waiting in airports"
"if you''ve time to spare go by air"
Airwaya commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
Air Lane
Alternatesomeone who takes the place of another person

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There are 2 anagrams from circle.

Anagram Definition
Circlemovement once around a course
"he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
Clerica clergyman or other person in religious orders

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Circle derives from 2 words.

Word Definition
Circlemovement once around a course
"he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
Circulatecause to move around
"circulate a rumor"


Circle has 2 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Locomotionself-propelled movement
Travelself-propelled movement


There are 3 hyponyms for circle

Word Definition
Lap Of Honour
Pace Lap
Victory Lap

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