4 Letters
2 Consonants
2 Vowels
2 Syllables
Types Of Speech
You can use hero as a noun in a sentence.
About Hero
A 2 syllables noun and 4 letters with the letters e, h, o, and r, 2 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letters er. Hero starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel with the starting letters h, he, her, and the ending characters are o, ro, ero, ..
The principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
Old French
Is hero a scrabble word? A 7 point word in scrabble. Check the word games tab below for probability, odds and more.
Pig Latin
Hero in Pig Latin is said as "erohay or erohway".
h | e | r | o
he | er | ro
her | ero
Word Gram
Noun Examples
the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments);
different names are used in different sections of the United States
(Greek mythology) priestess of Aphrodite who killed herself when her lover Leander drowned while trying to swim the Hellespont to see her
someone who fights for a cause
(classical mythology) a being of great strength and courage celebrated for bold exploits;
often the offspring of a mortal and a god
a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength;
"RAF pilots were the heroes of the Battle of Britain"
Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to determine the area of a triangle and who described various mechanical devices (first century)

Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For "Hero"

There are 219 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or have close definition and relationship to hero.

Acea serve that the receiver is unable to reach
Achievera person with a record of successes
"his son would never be the achiever that his father was"
"only winners need apply"
"if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success"
Achillesa mythical Greek hero of the Iliad
a foremost Greek warrior at the siege of Troy
when he was a baby his mother tried to make him immortal by bathing him in a magical river but the heel by which she held him remained vulnerable--his `Achilles'' heel''
Acmethe highest point (of something)
"at the peak of the pyramid"
Actora theatrical performer
Adeptsomeone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
Agonist(biochemistry) a drug that can combine with a receptor on a cell to produce a physiological reaction
Antagonista drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug
Antiheroa protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)
Apexthe point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun and solar system appear to be moving relative to the fixed stars

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There are 1 anagrams from hero.

Anagram Definition
Herothe principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem

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Hero has 5 hypernyms.

Word Definition
Characterthe inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions
"education has for its object the formation of character"- Herbert Spencer
Partthe actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
"the function of a teacher"
"the government must do its part"
"play its role"
Persona(Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world
"a public image is as fragile as Humpty Dumpty"
Rolethe actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
"the function of a teacher"
"the government must do its part"
"play its role"
Theatrical Role

Names With The Word "Hero"

36 names are spelled with hero.


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The word games Words With Friends, 4pics1Word, Word Chums, and Jumble which is by far one of the most successful of the word games. Jumble was created in 1954 - below, you will find the most unscrambled letters for each descramble word game that others have solved or decoded to make the word hero.

Is hero a scrabble word or can you use hero in Words With Friends? The probability of getting this word in scrabble is 1 out of every 3404 games and in Words With Friends it's 1 out of every 1842 games. This 4 letter 7 point scrabble word can be rearranged 24 ways. What other words can be made with the letters e, h, o, and r? There's 44 with 6 letters or less with the letters e, h, o, and r. Here is a list of 25 to try to get you more points.

WordScrabbleWords With FriendsWord Chums4Pics1WordJumble
Shower (6 letters) 12 +5 11 +5 shower
Chore (5 letters) 10 +3 10 +4 ocher
Hooter (6 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 hooter
Horse (5 letters) 8 +1 7 +1 shore
Hoover (6 letters) 12 +5 12 +6 hoover
Shore (5 letters) 8 +1 7 +1 shore
Ocher (5 letters) 10 +3 10 +4 ocher
Ochre (5 letters) 10 +3 10 +4 ocher
Bother (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 bother
Theory (6 letters) 12 +5 10 +4 htroye
Hero (4 letters) 7 6 hero
Throes (6 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 others
Troche (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 troche
Horde (5 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 herod
Rhodes (6 letters) 10 +3 9 +3 rhodes
Hoder (5 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 herod
Hector (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 troche
Hoaxer (6 letters) 16 +9 15 +9 hoaxer
Shover (6 letters) 12 +5 12 +6 revosh
Herod (5 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 herod
Horace (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 horace
Orache (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 horace
Shorea (6 letters) 9 +2 8 +2 ashore
Chorea (6 letters) 11 +4 11 +5 horace
Throe (5 letters) 8 +1 7 +1 other


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