Page 1: thirteen, Tree, freedom, bee, green, fourteen, three, AA, foot, wood, moon, school, sixteen, teen, food, blood, see, fifteen, room, football, boo, good, moo, queen, cookie, Aar, book, too, free, zoo, cook, hood, sweet, drooping, crooked, cheetah, Halloween, sleep, booger, look, coffee, Aaron, seventeen, google, lee, roof, cool, soon, cheer and ween

WordLengthConsonantsVowelsSyllablesOrigin Favourite
Thirteen8532Middle English
Freedom7432Middle English
Bee3121Middle English
Green5321Middle English
Fourteen8442Middle English
Three5321Middle English
Foot4221Middle English
Wood4221Middle English
Moon4221Middle English
School6421Middle English
Sixteen7432Middle English
Teen4221Middle English
Food4221Middle English
Blood5321Middle English
See3121Middle English
Fifteen7432Middle English
Room4221Middle English
Good4221Middle English
Queen5232Middle English
Aar3121Middle High German
Book4221Middle English
Too3121Middle English
Free4221Middle English
Cook4221Middle English
Hood4221Middle English
Sweet5321Middle English
Crooked7431Middle English
Sleep5321Middle English
Look4221Middle English
Seventeen9543Middle English
Lee3121Middle English
Roof4221Middle English
Cool4221Middle English
Soon4221Middle English
Cheer5321Anglo Norman
Ween4221Middle English

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