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A total of 0 prefixes I have Analyzed. The top 250 with two or more letter prefixes and 100 or more words are listed below, including how many words on You Go Words! have the root that you can browse and research. Please submit feedback and suggestions on how I could improve the information on prefixes found on this page for you.

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A total of 0 suffixes I have Analyzed. The top 250 with two or more letter suffixes and 100 or more words are listed below, including how many words on You Go Words! have the suffix listed that you can browse and research. Please submit feedback and suggestions on how I could improve the information on suffixes found on this page for you.

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A total of 0 prefix and suffixes I have Analyzed. The top 250 prefix with suffixes with 100 or more words used in the English language are listed below, including how many words on You Go Words! have the prefix and suffix listed that you can browse and research. Included in this list, are some of the words with the same prefix and suffix

Rank Prefix / Suffix Length Prefix vs Suffix How Many Words Same Prefix & Suffix

Here's a list of common Latin & Greek prefix and roots.

Latin or Greek Root Meaning
Latin ambi- both
Greek anthropo- man; human; humanity
Latin aqua- water
Latin aud- to hear
Greek auto- self
Latin bene- good
Greek bio- life
Latin cent- one hundred
Greek chron- time
Latin circum- around
Latin contra-/counter- against
Latin dict- to say
Latin duc-/duct- to lead
Greek dyna- power
Greek dys- bad; hard; unlucky
Latin fac- to do; to make
Latin form- shape
Latin fort- strength
Latin fract- to break
Greek gram- thing written
Greek graph- writing
Greek hetero- different
Greek homo- same
Greek hydr- water
Greek hypo- below; beneath
Latin ject- throw
Latin jud- judge
Greek logy study of
Latin mal- bad
Latin mater- mother
Greek meter-/metr- measure
Greek micro- small
Greek mis-/miso- hate
Latin mit- to send
Greek mono- one
Greek morph- form; shape
Latin mort- death
Latin multi- many
Greek nym- name
Latin pater- father
Greek phil- love
Greek phobia- fear
Greek phon- sound
Greek photo- / phos- light
Latin port- to carry
Greek pseudo- false
Greek psycho- soul; spirit
Latin rupt- to break
Greek scope- viewing instrument
Latin scrib-/scribe- to write
Latin sect-/sec- to cut
Latin sent- to feel; to send
Latin spect- to look
Latin struct- to build
Greek techno- art; science; skill
Greek tele- far off
Greek therm- heat
Latin vid-/vis- to see
Latin voc- voice; to call

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Prefix or Suffix Meaning Examples
aacadaf,agalanap,as and at to, toward, near, in addition to, by
a- and an- not, without
ab and abs away from, off about, able, abstinence and absolution
able and ible Adjective: worth, ability able, syllable, bible and invisible
aceracid and acri bitter, sour, sharp exacerbation, acer, acid, placid, sacrifice and alacrity
act and ag do, act, drive characters, subtraction, again and language
acu sharp abacus and vacuole
acy and cy Noun: state or quality tracy, legacy, nancy and lucy
ade act, product, sweet drink made and jade
aer and aero air, atmosphere, aviation aerobics, aerial, aerobics and aeroplane
agagiig and act do, move, go again, language, magic, imagine, tiger, high, characters and subtraction
age Noun: activity, or result of action language and courage
agri and agro pertaining to fields or soil agriculture, agribusiness, agronomical and agronomist
al Noun: action, result of action identical and special
alial and ical Adjective: quality, relation identical, special, initial and musical
alb and albo white, without pigment album, albert, aalborg and talbot
aliallo and alter other california, australia, halloween, marshmallow, alternative and alter
alt high, deep health and healthy
amami and amor love, like, liking family, america, family, dopamine, metamorphic and amor
ambi both ambidextrous and ambition
ambul to walk ambulance and perambulate
an Noun: person woman and american
ana and ano up, back, again, anew banana, dana, piano and volcano
ance and ence Noun: action, state, quality or process dance, chance, silence and science
ancy and ency Noun: state, quality or capacity nancy, fancy, frequency and agency
andr and andro male, characteristics of men andrew, androgynous, androgynous and android
ang angular orange and angel
anim mind, life, spirit, anger animal and anime
annannu and enni yearly anna, rihanna, annunciation, cannula, kenning and jennifer
ant and ent Noun: an agent, something that performs the action consonant, elephant, moment and intermittent
antent and ient Adjective: kind of agent, indication consonant, elephant, moment, intermittent, ancient and quotient
ante before anteater and ante
anthrop man anthropomorphize and philanthropy
anti and ant against, opposite constantinople, anti, consonant and santa
anti and antico old constantinople, anti, anticoagulation and anticodon
apoap and aph away from, detached, formed saponification, apocalypse, happy, happiness, graph and photography
aqu water aqua and aquarium
ar and ary Adjective: resembling, related to near, star, mary and january
arch chief, first, rule arch and march
ard and art Noun: characterized fireboard, godard, heart and smart
aster and astr star easter, aster, astronaut and catastrophe
ate Noun: state, office, fuction donate and chocolate
ate Verb: cause to be donate and chocolate
ate Adjective: kind of state donate and chocolate
ation Noun: action, resulting state alliteration and information
aucaug and aut to originate, to increase sauce, auction, laugh, august, beautiful and beauty
audaudiaurand aus to hear, listen audio, audience, audio, audience, dinosaur, restaurant, austin and australia
aug and auc increase laugh, august, sauce and auction
aut and auto self beautiful, beauty, auto and automobile
bar weight, pressure barn and barf
be on, around, over, about, excessively, make, cause, name, affect beautiful and amber
belli war belligerent and rebellion
bene good, well, gentle benevolent and benediction
bi and bine two birthday, bird, carabiner and cabinet
biblbibli and biblio book bible, biblical, biblical, bibliography, bibliography and bibliophile
bio and bi life abiogenesis, abiotic, birthday and bird
brev short abbreviation and abbreviate
cadcapcas,ceivceptcapt,cid and cip to take, to seize, to hold cadence, abracadabra, captain, capital, cash, casino, receiver, deceive, deception, inception, captain, captive, acid, accident, discipline and reciprocal
cad and cas to fall cadence, abracadabra, cash and casino
cade procession cade and facade
calor heat calorie and calorimeter
capit and capt head capital, capitalization, captain and captive
carn flesh carnival and reincarnation
catcata and cath down, with abdicate, syllabicate, catastrophe, yucatan, catherine and catholic
caus and caut burn, heat because, cause, caution and precaution
causecuseand cus cause, motive because, cause, excuse, focused, circus and abacus
ceasced,cedeceed and cess to go, to yield, move, go, surrender surcease, cease, abecedarian, acedia, concede, antecedent, succeed, succeeding, princess and success
cent hundred cent and abdominocentesis
centr and centri center central, concentration, centriole and eccentric
chrom color chromosome and chromium
chron time chronicle and anachronism
cidecis and cise to kill, to cut, cut down accident, cider, fascist, exercise, exercise and abscise
circum around circumcision and circumfusion
cit call, start city and electricity
civ citizen civilization and civic
clam and claim cry out clam, exclamation, claim and acclaim
clin lean, bend recycling and clinton
clud and clus claus to close, shut conclude and occluded
cocogcol,collconcomand cor with, together chocolate, country, cognition, incognito, chocolate, cole, college, collocation, consonant, cone, come, welcome, corn and popcorn
cogn and gnos to know cognition, incognito, diagnosis and diagnosing
com and con fully come, welcome, consonant and cone
contrcontraand counter against, opposite contraband, control, contraband, contraption, counter and counterfeit
cordcor and cardi heart record, accordion, corn, popcorn, cardinal and pericarditis
corp body corporal and scorpion
cort correct cortex and cortisone
cosm universe, world cosmetologist and cosmic
courcurcurrand curs run, course courage, court, mercury, accurate, current, curry, cursive and excursion
crat and cracy rule crate, scratch, democracy and bureaucracy
crecresccretand crease grow secret, secretary, crescendo, crescendoing, secret, secretary, crease and decrease
crea create cream and creation
cred believe credit and sacred
cresccret,crease and cru rise, grow crescendo, crescendoing, secret, secretary, crease, decrease, cruise and crutch
crit separate, choose criticism and alacrity
cur and curs run mercury, accurate, cursive and excursion
cura care accurate and curate
cycl and cyclo wheel, circle, circular cycle, recycling, cyclone and cyclosis
de- from, down, away, to do the opposite, reverse, against
dec and deca ten, ten times december, deception, decade and decameter
dec and dign suitable december, deception, dignity and indignation
dei and div God codeine, deity, diva and biodiversity
dem and demo people, populace, population undemanding, demarcation, demon and demo
dent and dont tooth identical, unidentified, orthodontics and orthodontist
derm skin, covering dermatome and dermatosclerosis
di and dy two, twice, double abdicate, undemanding, lady and body
dia through, across, between india and indian
dicdict and dit say, speak abdicate, amerindic, interdiction, addiction, credit and commodity
dis and dif not, opposite of, reverse, separate, deprive of, away disney, madison, different and difficult
dit give credit and commodity
doc and doct teach, prove doctor, dock, doctor and doctrine
domin master, that which is under control abdominocentesis and abdominovesical
don give donate and london
dorm sleep dorm and dormant
dox thought, opinion, praise paradox and doxology
drome run, step syndrome and palindrome
duc and duct to lead, pull duck, education, abducting and product
dura hard, lasting endurance and durant
dynam power dynamite and aerodynamics
dys- bad, abnormal, difficult, impaired, unfavorable
e- not, missing, out, fully, away, computer network related
ec- out of, outside
eco- household, environment, relating to ecology or economy
ecto- outside, external
ed Verb: past tense unidentified and crossed
ed Adjective: having the quality or characteristics of unidentified and crossed
en Verb: to cause to become seven and thirteen
en Adjective: material seven and thirteen
en and em put into, make, provide with, surround with seven, thirteen, meme and feminine
ence and ency Noun: action or process, quality or state silence, science, frequency and agency
end- inside, within
epi- upon, close to, over, after, altered
equi- equal
er and ier Adjective: comparative silver, water, soldier and xavier
er and or Noun: person or thing that does something silver, water, doctor and honor
er and or Verb: action silver, water, doctor and honor
erg work, effect energy and berg
ery collective qualities, art, practice, trade, collection, state, condition mystery and every
es and ies Noun: plural of most nouns ending in -ch, -s, -sh, -o and -z and some in -f and -y memories, eyes and aries
es and ies Verb: third person singular present indicative of verbs that end in -ch, -s, -sh, - and some in -y memories, eyes and aries
ess female princess and ness
est and iest Adjective or Adverb: superlative forest, best, priest and loftiest
ev and et time, age seven, eleven, poetry and secret
ex- out of, away from, lacking, former
exterextra and extro outside of, beyond exterminate, dexter, extra, extraordinary, ambidextrous and dextroduction
fa and fess speak family, father, professional and professor
facfactfec,fectficfas and fea do, make face, faction, faction, fact, perfect, perfection, perfect, perfection, office, maleficent, fashion, fast, fear and fearless
fall and fals deceive fall, fallen, false and falsification
femto quadrillionth femtometer and femtochemistry
fer bear, carry different and suffering
ficfeignfain,fit and feat shape, make, fashion office, maleficent, feigning, feign, fainting, fain, fitness, graffiti, feather and feathers
fid belief, faith confidence and fiddle
fidfide and feder faith, trust confidence, fiddle, confidence, diffident, confederation and federal
fig shape, form fight and figure
fila and fili thread filariasis, filaria, filipino and profiling
fin end, ended, finished undefined and fine
fix repair, attach suffix and prefix
flex and flect bend flex, flexible, reflection and deflect
flict strike affliction and conflict
fluflucfluvand flux flow influence, flute, fluctuant, fluctuation, effluvious, fluviation, flux and afflux
fold Adverb: in a manner of, marked by fold and centerfold
for and fore before forty, california, forever and forest
forc and fort strength, strong force, forces, forty and fortune
form shape, resemble information and form
fractfrag and frai break fraction, refraction, fragile, fragrance, afraid and frail
fuge flee refuge and subterfuge
ful Noun: an amount or quanity that fills beautiful and joyful
ful Adjective: having, giving, marked by beautiful and joyful
fuse pour fuse and confused
fy make, form into fluffy and identify
gam marriage game and origami
gastr and gastro stomach gastrulation, gastroenterologist, gastroenterologist and gastronomy
gen kind oxygen and legend
gen birth, race, produce oxygen and legend
geo earth georgia and george
germ vital part german and germany
gest carry, bear biggest and digestion
giga billion gigantic and gigantism
gin careful virginia and ginger
gloss and glot tongue gloss, glossary, epiglottis and glottis
glu and glo lump, bond, glue glue, glucose, glory and glow
gor to gather, to bring together gorgeous and gorilla
gradgress and gree to gather, to bring together, step, go graduate, grade, congress, progress, green and greed
graphgramand graf write, written, draw graph, photography, gram, program, graffiti and graf
grat pleasing congratulations and migration
grav heavy, weighty gravity and aggravated
greg herd segregation and gregory
hale and heal make whole, sound whale, haley, health and healthy
helio sun helios and aphelion
hema and hemo blood mathematics, mathematician, chemosynthesis and hemorrhoid
herhere and hes stick father, hero, here, there, photosynthesis and chess
hetero other, different heterotroph and heterogeneous
hexses and sex six hexagon, narthex, horses, session, sexism and intersexualism
homo same sophomore and trichomoniasis
hum and human earth, ground, man human, hummus, human and humanity
hydrhydra and hydro water hydrogen, hydrant, hydrant, dehydration, hydrogen and hydroelectricity
hyper over, above hyper and hyperlipidemia
hypn sleep hypnophobia and hypnotherapist
ia Noun: names, diseases california and georgia
ian and an Noun: related to, one that is christian, indian, woman and american
iatry Noun: art of healing podiatry and psychiatry
ic Adjective: quality, relation music and macaronic
ic and ics Noun: related to the arts and sciences music, macaronic, politics and physics
ice Noun: act office and justice
ify Verb: cause identify and crucify
ignis fire foreignism
ile Adjective: having the qualities of smile and crocodile
in and im into, on, near, towards again, princess, time and animal
inimil and ir not again, princess, time, animal, silver, family, fireboard and thirteen
infra beneath infrastructure and infraction
ing Noun: material made for, activity, result of an activity ring and king
ing Verb: present participle ring and king
ing Adjective: activity ring and king
inter between, among winter and intermittent
intra within, during, between layers, underneath intranet and intransigent
intro into, within, inward introduction and intro
ion Noun: condition or action alliteration and lion
ish Adjective: having the character of fish and wish
ism Noun: doctrine, belief, action or conduct commensalism and autism
ist Noun: person or member list and artist
ite Noun: state or quality favorite and kite
ity and ty Noun: state or quality city, personality, thirty and sixty
ive Noun: condition five and live
iveative and itive Adjective: having the quality of five, live, alternative, rebarbative, positive and infinitive
ize Verb: cause size and prize
jac and ject throw jack, jacob, adjective and project
join and junct join joint, join, conjunctivitis and junction
judice judge prejudice and unprejudicedness
jugjunct and just to join subjugation, juggling, conjunctivitis, junction, justice and injustice
juven young juvenile and rejuvenation
labor work collaboration and labor
laulavlot and lut wash laugh, laughter, lava, slavery, lotion, charlotte, pollution and solution
lectleg and lig choose, gather, select, read electric, electricity, legend, college, light and belligerent
leg law legend and college
less Adjective: without, missing less and flawless
levi light levi and television
lexleag and leg law flex, alexander, league, colleague, legend and college
liber and liver free liberty, liberation, liver and delivery
lide strike slide and collider
liter letters alliteration and literature
loc and loco place, area clock, local, loco and locomotive
loglogo and ology word, study, say, speech, reason, study logan, ology, logo, autologous, ology and technology
loqu and locut talk, speak eloquent, ventriloquist, elocution and allocution
luclumlun,lus and lust light lucky, luck, volume, aluminum, lunch, luna, allusion, illusion, lust and bluster
lude play allude and conclude
ly Adverb: in the manner of family and kelly
macr and macer lean macromolecule, macron, macerator and macerate
magn great magnesium and magnificent
main strength, foremost main and maine
mal bad, badly animal and maleficent
man and manu hand, make, do woman, undemanding, amanuensis and manual
mand command undemanding and mandala
mania madness mania and romania
marmari and mer sea, pool mary, smart, maria, marijuana, america and american
matri mother matrimony and matrix
medi half, middle, between, halfway media and medicine
mega great, million megan and mega
mem recall, remember meme and memory
ment mind moment and element
ment Noun: condition or result moment and element
meso middle mesopotamia and mesosphere
meta beyond, change metal and metamorphic
meter measure meter and perimeter
metr admeasure, apportion trigonometry and metronome
micro small, millionth micro and microscope
migra wander migraine and migration
mill and kilo thousand million, miller, kilometer and kilo
milli thousandth million and millionaire
min little, small feminine and mine
mis wrong, bad, badly promise and mist
mit and miss send intermittent, smith, miss and missing
mobmov and mot move mobile, automobile, move, movie, mother and promote
mon warn, remind month and monday
mono one mono and monocle
mor and mort mortal, death morning, memory, mortal and mortgage
morph shape, form metamorphic and morphine
multi many, much multiplication and multiple
nano billionth nanotechnology and nanometer
nascnat,gnant and nai to be born nascent, renascent, donate, nature, pregnant, stagnant, snail and naive
nat and nasc to be from, to spring forth donate, nature, nascent and renascent
neo new neon and igneous
ness Noun: state, condition, quality ness and happiness
neur nerve neurotic and neurotransmitter
nom law, order gnome and onomatopoeia
nom and nym name gnome, onomatopoeia, anonymous and anymore
nomen and nomin name phenomenon, nomenclature, denominator and ignominious
non nine none and anonymous
non not none and anonymous
nov new november and nova
nox and noc night knox, equinox, abdominocentesis and innocent
numer number numerator and innumerable
numisma coin numismatist and numismatic
obocof and op toward, against, in the way problem, jacob, chocolate, rock, office, soft, people and hope
oct eight doctor and october
oligo few, little oligopoly and oligospermia
omni all, every insomnia and omnipotent
onym name anonymous and antonym
oper work opera and cooperation
or Noun: condition or activity doctor and honor
ortho straight, correct orthopedic and orthodontics
ory Noun: place for, serves for history and story
ouseousoseand ious Adjective: having the quality of, relating to dangerous, famous, gorgeous, igneous, rose, purpose, serious and delicious
over excessive, above over and lover
pac peace space and packaging
pair and pare arrange, assemblage, two pair, despair, grandparents and spare
paleo old paleontologist and paleontology
pan all panda and company
para beside paradise and separate
patpass and path feel, suffer path, patrick, pass, passage, path and telepathist
pater and patr father paternalism, pater, patrick and patriotism
path and pathy feeling, suffering path, telepathist, empathy and apathy
ped and pod foot orthopedic, pedestrian, podium and podiatrist
pedo child pedometer and torpedo
pel and puls drive, push, urge hopeless, pelican, compulsion and pulse
pendpens and pond hang, weigh independence, independent, pensive, pension, pond and ponder
per through, intensive perfect and person
peri around period and perimeter
phage eat phage and bacteriophage
phanphas,phenfan,phant and fant show, make visible elephant, orphan, prophase, phase, stephen, hyphenated, fantasy, tiffany, elephant, triumphant, fantasy and fantastic
phe speak christopher and stephen
phil love syphilis and philippines
phlegma inflammation phlegmatic and phlegmaticalness
phobia and phobos fear phobia, monophobia and phobos
phon sound phone and xylophone
phot and photo light photosynthesis, photo, photosynthesis and photo
pico trillionth pico and picosecond
pict paint, show, draw picture and pictogram
plac and plais please place, fireplace, complaisant and complaisantly
pli and ply fold multiplication, discipline, plymouth and supply
plore cry out, wail explorer and explore
pluplur and plus more pluto, plum, plural, splurge, plus and surplus
pneuma and pneumon breath pneumatic, pneumaticness, pneumonia and bronchopneumonia
pod foot, feet podium and podiatrist
poli city police and politics
poly many polynomial and polygon
ponpos and pound place, put sponge, saponification, preposition, post, pound and compound
pop people popcorn and popular
port carry important and port
portion part, share portion and proportion
post after, behind post and apostrophe
pot power chipotle and potato
pre and pur before preposition, president, purple and purpose
prehendere seize, grasp
prinprim and prime first princess, spring, primary, prime, prime and primed
pro for, foward prom and problem
proto first protozoa and proton
psych mind, soul psycho and psychosis
punct point, dot punctuation and acupuncture
pute think computer and dispute
quat and quad four equation, aquatic, quadrillion and quad
quint and penta five quintillion, quint, pentagon and pentameter
quip ship equipment and quip
quirquis,quest and quer seek, ask squirrel, squirting, inquisition, acquisitive, quest, question, conqueror and albuquerque
re back, again fireboard and future
reg and recti straighten irregular, segregation, direction and resurrection
retro backwards retrocession and retro
riridi and risi laughter princess, ring, riding, ridiculousness, crisis and rising
rog and roga ask program, frog, arrogant and surrogate
rupt break corruption and abruption
sacrsanc and secr sacred sacrifice, sacred, sanctuary, sanchez, secret and secretary
salv and salu safe, healthy salve, salvation, salutary and salute
sanct holy sanctuary and sanction
sat and satis enough saturn, factorisation, satisfaction and satisfying
sciscio and scientia know science, discipline, consciousness and conscious
scope see, watch scope and kaleidoscope
scrib and script write describe, scribble, scripture and prescription
se apart, move away from seven and else
sect and sec cut insect, bisect, secret and insect
sedsess and sid sit crossed, caused, session, obsessed, side and president
semi half, partial yosemite and semicircle
sen and scen old, grow old sentence, presence, scent and ascending
sent and sens feel, think sentence, sent, sense and sensation
sept seven september and septillion
sequsecu and sue follow consequence, consequences, security, insecure, issue and tissue
serv save, serve, keep service and serve
ship Noun: status, condition ship and relationship
sign and signi sign, mark, seal sign, design, insignificant and assigning
simil and simul like, resembling simile, similar, simulation and dissimulation
siststa and stit stand, withstand, make up sister, narcissist, star, pasta, restitution and transvestitism
soci to join, companions social and society
sol and solus alone solution and solid
solvsolu and solut loosen, explain solve, resolve, solution, absolution, solution and absolution
somn sleep insomnia and somnolent
soph wise sophia and sophomore
specspectspiand spic look, see special, respect, respect, aspect, spirit, hospital, spice and spick
sper render favorable whisper and exasperation
sphere ball, sphere atmosphere and sphere
spir breath spirit and inspiration
standstant,stabstatstan,stistast and stead stand stand, standard, constantinople, constant, antiestablishmentarianism, antidisestablishmentarianism, state, station, constantinople, distance, austin, christian, star, pasta, christmas, star, steady and steadily
ster person monster and sister
strainstrict,string and stige bind, pull, draw tight strain, distrain, district, astriction, string, astringent, prestige and vestige
strustruct,stroy and stry build structure, struggle, structure, instruction, destroyer, destroying, chemistry and thermochemistry
subsucsuf,supsur and sus under, below, from, secretly, instead of subtraction, subject, success, succeed, suffering, suffocate, super, supper, sure, treasure, jesus and sushi
sume and sump take, use, waste consumer, consumerism, sumption and assumption
super and supra over, above super, superman, supra and suprainfection
syn and sym together, at the same time photosynthesis, syndrome, symphony and symbol
tacttangtag,tig and ting touch contact, tactics, tang, mustang, stage, tagalog, tiger, antigone, ting and abducting
taintententand tin hold, keep, have mountain, captain, intermittent, tent, intermittent, tent, ting and tina
tect and teg cover architect, protection, integrity and category
tele distance, far, from afar television and telepathist
tem and tempo time system, temple, tempo and temporize
tentin and tain hold intermittent, tent, ting, tina, mountain and captain
tendtent and tens stretch, strain tender, tend, intermittent, tent, tense and intensity
tera trillion alliteration and literature
term end, boundary, limit intermittent and watermelon
terr and terra earth territory, terry, terrain and terrarium
test to bear witness test and contest
the and theo God, a god father, mother, theory and apotheosis
therm heat weatherman and thermochemistry
thesis and thet place, put photosynthesis, hypothesis, synthetic and theta
tire draw, pull retirement and tired
tom cut tomato and stomach
tortors and tort twist history, story, torsion, actors, tortoise and contortion
tox poison botox and toxic
tracttratraiand treat drag, draw, pull subtraction, tractor, australia, train, train, straight, treat and treatment
trans across, beyond, change transformation and transportation
tri three patrick and nutrition
trib pay, bestow retribution and tribute
tribute give tribute and attributes
turbo disturb turbot and turboprop
typ print type and platypus
ultima last ultimate and antepenultimate
umber and umbraticum shadow number and numbers
un not, against, opposite country and mountain
uni one unidentified and unit
ure Noun: act, condition, process, function future and picture
vac empty vacuole and vacation
vade go invader and evade
valevali and valu strength, worth vale, covalent, valium, valiant, value and evaluation
veh and vect to carry vehicle, vehemence, convection and vector
ven and vent come seven, heaven, seventy and adventure
ver and veri true silver, over, wolverine and reverie
verb and verv word adverb, verb, verve and vervet
vert and vers turn, change advertising, poverty, anniversary and university
vi way david and evil
vic and vicis change, substitute victoria, victory, vicissitude and vicissitudes
vict and vinc conquer victoria, victory, invincible and convincing
vid and vis see david, video, television and invisible
vivvita and vivi alive, life survival, revival, vitamin, levitate, vivid and surviving
voc and voke call advocate, avocado, provoked and evoke
vol will volleyball and volcano
volcan fire volcano and volcanic
volvvolt and vol turn about, roll evolve, devolve, voltage, revolting, volleyball and volcano
vor eat greedily favorite and ivory
ward Adverb: in a direction or manner forward and ward
wise Adverb: in the manner of, with regard to wise and anticlockwise
with against with and withering
y Noun: state, condition, result of an activity family and thursday
y Adjective: marked by, having family and thursday
zo animal zone and zombie


Completed AZ word finder features completed

  • Word Unscambler has been renamed and will be altered to a complete Anagram Solver
  • Syllable counter is now available for text and documents.
  • In The Middle / In The Center word finding. Searching "two syllable words with qu in the middle", "ab in the center",etc. will bring you to a list of words spelled with _a-z_. For "exactly center" use a search like "6 letters with qu in the middle"
  • Word unscrambling. For fastest speed possible, you will now land on the top viewed set of characters for that set of letters.
  • New search abilities "words with all vowels" or "words with no vowels", "ends in a vowel", or "start with a vowel".
  • Puzzle solving using underscores or dashes such as "solve _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ _, singular nouns 4 vowels and 3 syllables"
  • Find words or names by their second, third and fourth letter up to the eighth letter with eazy search like "words with the second letter b".
  • Puzzle solver & missing letters. Wordbrain Themes, Words With Friends, Scrabble, 4Pics1Word, Word Cookies cheats, answers, and more. Example answers search: "solve the puzzle b_r", complete this 6 letter word from o-e-h, "spelled like out", "words containing out". Use an underscore or dash where the puzzle is missing a letter.
  • Length queries including 6 letter words now include quick navigation for speech type and starts/ends letters such as 6 letter words with the second letter c.
  • Rhymes and sounds like tool for any word, spelling, or text entered. Different results appear for sounds and rhymes.
  • Palindromes word Lists now available by searching palindrome words.
  • Unscrambler & Decoder - decode phrases such as "dining table" for "egbindinatl".
  • Negative search filters words that do not have the letter e
  • Quick word find. Single word searches bring you to the word page. Solving word puzzles using an underscore or dash ( Example: _a_t_i_a ). All words/letters without a dedicated page will be unscrambled.
  • Find scrabble words by points! Add "scrabble" in your query, such as Scrabble words with 14 points.
  • Favorite words to your account
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Any Word finder ideas you want? Send a word find feature request to let me know.

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In Progress Finder features I'm working on.

  • Phonograms searching coming soon due to many users searching such as "words ending with a multiple phonogram"
  • Root word search. Show with prefix and suffix options, only if it has a root word.
  • Alternative spelling of words from American English to British English. Mouse over example: Color
  • Printable & downloadable word lists.
  • Frequency of a words appearance in books, and other texts.
  • Allow word find such as "words which contain the consonants N, T, and R". This would provide a list of words with letters in a specific order, such as the consonants in the order of ntr.
  • Plural and singular words with information and example sentences.
  • Word games by school grade from Kindergarten to grade 12.
  • Provide words that can be used twice or more in one sentence with example sentences.
  • Paraphrasing, pronunciation, and free grammar tools.
  • Seperate words by area of focus. ( Technology, Education, Science, Psychology, etc. )

Did You Find Your Words?

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